The best way to grow regular giving in your church. The Fully Funded Course 
The Church should be the most well-funded organization in your community. Most churches struggle to meet budget and many pastors aren't properly equipped to lead the church in financial health.

Fully Funded is the only program that combines practical coaching, time-saving resources, and personal help. It's a total generosity system for your church.
  • Get a confident communication and preaching plan
  •  Finance team meetings focused on growth and vision
  •  Clear offering times that become celebration moments
  •  Develop more first time givers and big givers
  •  Empower leaders around you 
No matter your size, denomination, or structure, this course will help you identify a point leader who will implment healthy changes to create growth.
WHAT are the topics covered?
The core coaching is delieverd through 16 modules each with video training and ready-to-use resources.
  • An Overview of the Grow Giving Process
  • The Principles of Financial Leadership
  • Where are you now and where are you going?
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Developing Your Fully Funded Plan
  • Clarify and Cast a Vision that motivates people to give
  • A Money Message Series that Gets Results
  •  Tools You Can Use to Increase Giving
  • Set Up the Offering Every Week
  • Help your congregation WIN with Money
  • A Proven Thank You System
  • Special Offerings that work (and don't cannibalize regular giving)
  • How to Properly Leverage online giving
  • Giving your Church a giving challenge
  • A budget process you'll actually enjoy
  • A Systems check up to help you fine tune your process
A Complete Money Message Series Including Graphics
In Fully Funded you'll learn about how to prepare and plan a money message series that will actually get results at your church and not just result in a spike then drop in giving!

We wanted to be sure to help you out so we're including a done-for-you money message series that includes graphics as well!
12 First Time Giver Booklets to test and Give away
Thanking your givers is a major focus point of the Fully Funded course. One of the ways we point out thanking your givers is by sending them a first time giver letter!

This is a booklet we created to make it easier for you to get started on creating your own first time giver system. It's a 32 page booklet you can send straight to your first time givers!
24x36 Full Color Fully Funded Wall Calendar
A vision without a plan can often fail to get done! That's why we need to completely lay out our funding plan! We want you to be able to fully see what your plan is for this upcoming year.

That's why we will send you a full size calendar that you can customize and put on your wall. You'll be able to see what's coming up and plan accordingly to make vision happen.
These are two stories churches who've gone through the Fully Funded Course
Pastor Mike Stewart - First Christian Church
Urbana, Ohio
We are not a wealthy church, just a middle class middle aged congregation for the most part. Even though the attendance has continued to decline over the last five years the offerings have continued to grow or hold steady with less people.
We added online giving to our website in 2015. Today we have 26 accounts enrolled for online giving. In 2016 we added 6 new accounts and so far in 2017 we have added 7 new accounts, 2 are new givers to the church. Of the 26 accounts we have 14 have given online at least once in 2017. Seven are set up as auto pay. In 2017 we have had 4 visitors give online.
This summer for the first time I can ever remember in 41 summers as the preacher here we did not fall behind the budgeted need in giving. I can tell you it is so wonderful not having to stress over how to pay the bills! We may not be setting any giving records and we may not have a lot of money left over at the end of the year but after 8 years of ending the year in the red financially and 10 years of not having a raise, ending the year in the black is a blessing. This year I even received a 1% raise! Not much, but it is moving in the right direction!
I recommend financial coaching for everyone and I recommend Fully Funded. They have helped us and I know they can help you. Don’t sit and complain about the finances of your church as so many of my contemporaries are doing, get some coaching.  
Pastor Leonard Southern - Fort Lewis Baptist Church
Salem, Virginia
The Fully Funded material/ministry has proven to be VERY successful for our church. Below, I have listed our results of following the FF modules.
At the outset, getting our church to “buy” into the FF plan was a challenge. We had been experiencing some financial challenges and some people just didn’t want to spend money on an “unproven” plan; regardless of the money back guarantee. Plus, putting together a FF Team was no easy task, which finally occurred when I agreed to chair it. But it was worth it!
Our FF team consistently met and worked through each module. They made recommendations when and where appropriate. Those recommendations were approved!
We now have more people giving online; and most have made their giving reoccurring.
We initiated the Text-to-Give option (previously, not an option) and people are using it.
We did the 90-Day Giving Challenge for June-Aug and it was very successful. (We gave out Andy Stanley’s book, Fields of Gold). While there were several factors involved, when we compared the giving from June-Aug. 2016 with June-Aug. 2017 there was a $4,000 increase. I know that the Giving Challenge was the most significant factor. We average 90 in worship, so a $4,000 increase was certainly a reason to praise God and celebrate!
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