The Complete Church Resource Bundle
This bundle included 9 eBooks, 7 sample Job Descriptions, research reports, white papers, tip sheets, and discussion guides
Complete Church Resource Bundle
This bundle included 9 eBooks, 7 sample Job Descriptions, resarch reports, white papers, tip sheets, and discussion guides
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Sample Job Descriptions include: Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Campus Pastor, Connections Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Creative Arts Pastor, Communications Director and Director of Family Ministries.
 Vital Signs: Why Church Health Matters and 14 Ways to Measure It
Is it possible that a good set of measurements could help you lead more effectively? Packed with benchmarks from the analysis of 200+ churches nationwide, Vital Signs will help you see your church with greater perspective. Assess the health of your church with these 14 key metrics.
 Reaching and Leading Millennials: Practical Conversations to Get You Unstuck
Instead of blaming young adults for not engaging in our ministries, it’s about time we start taking some responsibility. This eBook is not about building even better facilities, flashier stage designs and Disney-esque children’s programs. It’s about discovering what really matters to this generation, and presenting the truth of the Gospel in a way they can hear and understand.  
 7 Warning Signs Your Church Has Ministry Silos: Triggers and Symptoms of a Divided House
It’s not hard to tell when a church has silos. The difficult part is discovering and eliminating their true causes. Explore the symptoms and identify the steps your church needs to take towards greater unity.  
 Stuck in a Funk? How to Get Your Church Moving Forward
Are you feeling stuck? Filled with practical insights, this eBook is designed for the church that has been stuck for decades and is facing decline, or the church that has had success and impact in the recent past but finds itself plateaued.
 Take the Lid Off Your Church: 6 Steps to Building a Healthy Senior Leadership Team
If you feel stuck in your leadership or as an organization, spend more time evaluating the health of your senior leadership team rather than blaming your frontline staff. Begin this journey by addressing key questions like, “What are the roles of this team?", "What should the senior leadership team start and stop doing?” And much more.
 Big Churches Getting Bigger
The reason large churches continue to grow and thrive is they are strategic in their approach to alignment, adaptability, leadership, and reach. Take note of the factors to incorporate so you can continue to be the vibrant, strategic, growing church necessary to reach more people for Christ.
Funding Your Strategic Plan
Everyday, you make decisions with your money. Talking about it isn’t easy, and changing the way you spend it is even harder. This guide will help you take steps towards church financial health with insights and conversations to help your team build a stronger financial future for your church.
 Developing a Theology of Planning
Hope is not a strategy. In fact, it’s a terrible approach to grow, develop and multiply what God has entrusted to us as leaders. It’s critical to plan before we build. We have to be good stewards of the mission God has called us to engage. Through this ebook, learn characteristics of good planning, why ministry planning is Biblical, and more.
 Developing a Theology of Leadership
It’s important to wrestle with and understand how God defines leadership. Tony Morgan shares what he has learned—and is still learning—about Biblical leadership.
 Church Engagement Survey 2019
With responses from 176 churches, this Church Engagement Report 2019 will shed some light on where things stand today. What will it mean to be an engaging church in the next decade? How will we measure it? All church leaders know that measuring weekend service attendance alone falls short of giving us a true measure of church health. With this project, we aimed to learn a little more about how churches are defining and measuring engagement.
 Next Level Teams: How Fast Growing Churches are Mobilizing Their Staff
Unsure of exactly what we would find, we did some research to discover the best practices that churches are using to build great teams. In this eBook, more than 600 leaders share the details of their senior leadership teams, hiring, leadership development and much more.
One Team. Multiple Locations.
Ever wonder how pastors of multisite churches lead effectively across multiple locations? Leading one church in multiple locations comes with a wide array of challenges. This white paper will help you take your next steps in building a multisite strategy for a successful campus.
 Front Door vs. Back Door: What Challenge Is Your Church Facing?
Connecting with people and keeping them connected are two of the largest challenges churches face. How we answer these questions will determine the success of our churches in reaching new people and engaging them for the long run.
 Why Small, Mid-Size, Large and Very Large Churches Get Stuck
Change starts by getting perspective -- by trying to understand why you got stuck in the first place. Let’s unpack some of the most common reasons why churches get stuck.  
 Building Healthy Campus Launch Teams
A healthy approach to multisite and launching new campuses can help you lead more people in your region to Christ. Expansion without a strategy and a strong launch team can wreck your church. Build thriving campus launch teams with these exercises and tools to help you take next steps toward health.
 Action-Oriented Meetings
How much time do you spend each month in team meetings? Is your ministry more effective because of the time you spent around the table? We know your staff meetings are valuable and necessary. But, the unpredictability of ministry along with the constant preparation for weekend services can quickly overwhelm an agenda.
 Multisite Tip Sheet
When a church goes multisite, adding campuses creates a level of culture complexity beyond what's expected. Check out these 9 ways to create a consistent culture.
 Leader Vitality Wheel
How are you really doing? This simple framework will give you a visual perspective on your personal vitality as a leader today.
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